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Nail treatments

We are the specialists in nail treatments, let our team improve the shape of your nails and cuticles.


This pampering treatment will include file and shape of the nails, cuticle work to improve the appearance of the nail and cuticles, a massage to relax and stimulate the circulation and finished off with your choice of Opi nail polish.

Manicure £15 45mins

Luxury Manicure

This is an up-grade to the Manicure treatment. The Luxury manicure also includes skin exfoliation, nourishing mask treatment, to smooth, soften and leave the skin glowing and replenished. Finished off with a massage and your choice of Opi nail varnish.
Luxury Manicure £25 1hr

Shellac - A polish hybrid

Shellac is the newest revolution in nail treatment it is a polish hybrid that’s applied like a polish but stays on like a gel does.

Shellac nails is a product that is durable and flexible like the traditional Gel nail. A coat of Shellac is applied to your natural nail and after being put under an ultra violet light for around 20 minutes creates a flawless shine for up to 14 days.

Once your hand is removed from the lamp, there is zero dry time. Your polish is set for the full two weeks without the risk of dulling, smudging, or chipping.

As with any enhancement, care must be taken but can last up to two weeks.
After two weeks or when you are ready for a change, I will remove the Shellac from your nails by individually placing a special little pad which is soaked in a solution and then wrapped around your nails and then left for 10 minutes so all I have to do is just wipe the colour away. No drilling or filing needed so your nails stay strong and pristine.
Basic Manicure or Pedicure and Shellac £25 1hr and 15mins
With Additives £35

Luxury Manicure or Pedicure and Shellac £35 1hr and 30mins
Removal of Shellac £10 30mins

Removal and reapply new Shellac colour £30 1hr 30mins

Nexgen Nails

Nexgen Nails is an exciting alternative to traditional acrylic overlays.

By painting a basecoat onto the natural nail plate, then lightly dipping the nail plate into the Acrylic powders we can create a flawless, bubble free, lightweight and long lasting natural enhancement overlays in around 30 – 45 minutes.

The Nexgen system has;

  • No UV/LED Lamp or E-File needed
  • No need to worry about bead ratio or placement!
  • Quicker service than traditional full set enhancements
  • No Odour
  • 60 Colours including glitters, shimmers and French
  • Does not contain Acrylates – found in gel polish, often the cause of allergies!
  • Safe, easy removal process

A special resin base coat is applied to the nail which is then dipped into coloured acrylic powder, this process is repeated until the desired strength is achieved. An activator is then applied which kicks off the process of bonding and hardening the resin.

It’s a really easy process that takes around 30 – 45 minutes to complete. Starting with a dry manicure, remove the shine and cleanse the nail plate, apply base coat to one nail and dip into the powder pot or for french use the special Entity dip jar, repeat base coat and colour, then apply the activator followed, once again, by the base coat, buff to get a beautiful shape, cleanse then apply activator, dry cleanse and top coat for a glossy finish.

£25 natural looking Nails usually used underneath shellac as an overlay for strength.

£30 for colour or French

£10 take of

Nail Art

Nail art is done by encasing glitter in shellac. There is a wide range of colours available.

Nail art with a Manicure or Pedicure £25.00
This includes file, cuticle work and application

Nail art with a Luxury Manicure or Pedicure £35.00
This includes the above with a scrub, mask and massage. Please note these are applied using CND Shellac which can last up to 2 weeks. Some clients can wear it longer depending on how they treat their nails. Toes always last longer as we do not use them like our hands.

Callus Peel

Callus’ are removed just like orange peel. In only 15 minutes, you can see the difference!
Callus Peel £25 without Pedicure £35 with Pedicure

How it works

This 15-minute four step system includes
Step 1:- a skin softening patch is wrapped around the bottom of the foot to soften the skin
Step2:- a special device scraper to peel off the dead skin callus
Step 3:- followed by a polishing the remaining keratin.
Step 4:- The treatment is completed by applying moisturising cream.

Why not try something new?


Massage will relax tired muscles, increase circulation and improve well-being. Massages are tailored to your needs, from soft and relaxing, to more vigorous, deeper massage.

Eyelash treatments

Eyelashes, long, full eyelashes make anyone’s eyes look bigger and brighter. Achieving that effect without the fuss of mascara is definitely worth trying out at least once!

This is where eyelash extensions come into their own, have those perfect eyelashes with 1 call.